Thursday, June 25, 2009


Bringing me back to being about four...

I feel this blog has become a little somber, for which I apologize.

Tim notified me today that Farrah Fawcett died after a long battle with cancer. He also notified me that he ordered room service today like a trashy whore, but that's another story altogether.

I missed the boat on Charlie's Angels, being a youngin', and don't really have much memory of Farrah except for one thing...

...her shampoo.

My mom used to babysit a girl with long hair and she used to ask the girl to "do the Farrah", which means shake your hair out to get it a little puffier, in My mom speak. So when she had me and she wanted me to shake out my hair to give it some volume... she told me to "do the Farrah".
Sad for her family and Ryan O'Neal, and that cancer has taken one more person. It seems she had it pretty rough near the end.

I'm sure Farrah has legions of fans who loved her on Charlie's Angels, but for me, I'll remember her shampoo and her hair. So thanks, Farrah.

Update: Email exchange between me and Mum:

Me: And because you'll appreciate it... I just shook my hair out in honor of Farrah.

Mum: That's my girl.

Update Part II: The commercial that started it all (for me and Mum):

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