Sunday, June 14, 2009

Have YOU lost that loving feeling?

While reading articles about the troubles in Iran, I stumbled upon the following article from NPR about some of the worst songs for weddings. The Top 5 are:

Send in the Clowns (horribly sad song)
Have You Lost that Loving Feeling? (I don't care how much you love Top Gun... listen to the FREAKING LYRICS)
Just a Gigolo (whaa?)
The Lady is a Tramp (again... listen to the lyrics... no bride wants to be called a tramp)
La Donna e Mobile (translation basically calls the girl a ho bag)

I'm happy to know not to put any of these songs on my CD. A few others I thought of that were bad were...

--Breaking Up is Hard to Do. My Mum went to a wedding once, and THIS WAS THE FIRST SONG. Aren't weddings about coming together in a union... and shouldn't the concept of breaking up kept far far away??
--Funny Little Frog in my Throat. I almost added this to the CD, since it has a good beat... then I listened to the lyrics, and thought better of it.

So onward I go on my quest for a good Wedding CD... without any of these songs.

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