Thursday, June 25, 2009

And Michael Jackson, too?!

This time, Erin broke the news to me. Sadly, Erin didn't report back with news about ordering room service like Tim did. Ah well.

This blew my mind. I was shocked. I guess he's not someone I ever thought of passing away, especially since he was so young. Quite sad for his children. I'm also choosing to not mention his recent personal problems, but focus more on what I hope will be a more positive and lasting legacy... his music.

Also, is this a statement on public media or what? Twitter and Facebook were INSANE with this news. They essentially blew up, even when just TMZ was reporting this.

He definitely had a huge influence on modern pop. The song style, the dancing, the (and I say this with the 70's and 80's in mind) polished-ness of it. Pop artists of the 90's to the present wouldn't be where they are without Michael Jackson.

I think the reason why I'm so surprised he died is because I literally can't remember a time before he was big and so influential musically. I can rattle off ten songs of his without even trying. The one glitter glove. The Moonwalk. We Are The World. Pepsi. Thriller, for Christ's Sake. My mom sings Billy Jean to my dog on the regular.

His influence on culture will be felt, just like Elvis and The Beatles before him. I'm sure there'll be tributes pouring in for him for a long time better written than mind.

It's been real, Michael Jackson.

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