Thursday, June 18, 2009

More ink I'm a fan of

I swear, despite what it seems, I do more than find really cool tattoos to drool over. I also go to shows, read, like music, drink tea, and find culture on the North Shore. It's just that I keep coming across awesome art.

Here are two more I think are worth pointing out. First, here's a neat Edward Gorey-inspired one:

I love that it travels from one arm to another. And the linework. So neat.

And then here's one I LOVED. It's the Verlag Crescendo bird, which was the trademark for Verlag Crescendo Sheet Music in Germany. Only used in the 20's, and is all sorts of awesome:

Those Germans sure are clever.

I'm pretty sure I'll be blogging about the usual fare soon. I have several shows coming up, and the Salem Farmer's Market opens next week.

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