Friday, June 5, 2009

Little more than a "casual bowler" now...

I've made a decision. These are the bowling shoes I will be purchasing:

They're within my price range and purple. I mean, come on. THEY'RE PURPLE. I also like how they still look like bowling shoes and not "old man sneakers" like a lot of them tend to look like. I just need to place my order, and within a week, I'll be sporting new kicks. I'll also be a lot more than a casual bowler after this point.

No, I will not be buying a ball any time soon. That's a level of commitment I'm not ready for yet. Many people in the bowling club have balls, but that's not something I'm ready for quite yet. I also still need to get my sewing machine, and that takes priority.

Tune in for me modeling my new shoes when they get here.

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