Friday, November 5, 2010

When I'm not working on my next collection, I'm taking down cock-fighting rings in Mexico.

I admit it, I definitely think Mondo should have won. But there's something enjoyable about Gretchen Jones, resident Mean Girl/Winner of Project Runway Season 8. She's opinionated as hell, and had one of the greatest trainwrecks during judging, but I gotta love that about her. Plus, she was dealing with a lot of shit when creating her final collection, which I think she handled well. (admit it, haters, could you end a relationship/get evicted/pack up all your stuff in storage/be broke as a joke and have Tim Gunn in your house?)

Anyways, I follow her on Twitter, and I think she's great on that as well. Lot of non-sequitors and comments about art and the seasons. Today she posted a great video of Ten Facts no one knows about her... and I giggled a lot at work:

Her delivery of most of these lines is what makes it so awesome.


Crystal said...

HAHA LOL! OMG! This almsot makes me like her. For once she seems funny and clever instead of fake and self-absorbed.

Lyndsay said...

Very funny!