Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gift Wish List: Etsy edition

***note: Not a hint for anyone. Just pretty things that I think would make great gifts for anyone.***

I try to do some of my Christmas shopping on Etsy every year, because you get really great, unique gifts, and it helps individuals out a lot. I've made a list of some things I've been eying for myself or others:

A green vase with a bird on it.

How darling? How sweet and simplistic? I love that the color reminds me of jadeite green pottery from the 30's.

A succulent garden.

Succulents are super easy plants to have, and I love the look and shape to them. Sometimes it's nice to break up the very leafy plants. They also thrive in shade, which is nice for many an apartment dweller. I feel like succulents are becoming the hip plant to own, but they also remind me of growing up and my neighbor's wall had hens and chickens growing on it, and those plants are often potted with succulents on etsy.

Anything by Figs and Ginger, like this bunny necklace, or this whale necklace.

Full disclosure, I know the charming husband and wife duo behind Figs and Ginger, so I like helping them out. That being said, I think their jewelry is adorable. The bunny one is so cute, but the whale one also has a soft spot in my heart. Perhaps for my mom?

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