Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Up close on Margot's finger

I realized that I never showed off my FO of Margot's wooden finger. Compared to something like my bird in hand mittens, it's significantly less impressive. Then again, for a Halloween costume, I'm not going to put in the time and energy as those mittens.

I was debating how to do the finger, so I decided to just knit a finger instead of painting my finger. I don't run the risk of spilling paint on any clothing, it won't irritate my skin, and I can take it off easily at the end of the night.

I made last year my brothers fingerless gloves, so I had the measurements for how big a finger of a glove should be for knitting, so I borrow from that and just extended the glove finger beyond just the knuckle and then bound off at the top. Because it was for Halloween, I wasn't too worried about finishing techniques, so it doesn't look very neat.

I had some leftover brown yarn from a baby hat that had a nice wooden quality to it, so I used that for the finger. Unfortunately, it have some give, and by the end of two nights it had warped a bit. I'll probably have to toss it, but it did the job.

Here's an up close photo of me modeling my fake finger. It was quite warm and snug, which was great. It also only took about 15 minutes to make, which was perfect.

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