Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crate and Barrel ornament dream team

This year we're getting a Christmas tree. I took a hiatus from trees last year because... well... I had literally nowhere to put a tree. I did get a tiny tree for my table, but you can't put ornaments on it... and it's fabric. But Ricky insists on getting a tree this year, filling it with cute ornaments, and enjoying the smell of pine in our apartment. I can do that.

The only issue with this is that I have about 5 ornaments and Ricky has a total of 0. Which means we have... 5 ornaments to cover a full-size tree. That's pretty sad. So lately, I've been on the hunt for nice-looking ornaments to fill out the collection.

Crate and Barrel, per usual, has adorable ornaments that I want. And they're not free. Damn you, C&B!

First up, Herringbone dogs. Two of which have little hats. And a scarf. Gahhh I can't handle the cuteness. If I find myself with some extra money, I will probably get these. Because... well, I think cute dogs in hats is explanation enough.

Next up... cute little baby stockings with poinsettia on them?? In pretty colors? So they're simple and pretty all at once?! You slay me, C&B!

Ricky and I are also debating having an ornament-making party, where our local friends come over and we make ornaments and drink egg nog and listen to good music. It should be a festively good time. If and when we do have a tree filled with ornaments, I'll post photos.

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Crystal said...

If you do ahve that party it would be totally easy to amke the felted christmas stocking ornaments!