Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wearing a big cardigan or plaid flannel today in honor

I heard this the other day, and it blew my mind. Today it's been 15 years since Kurt Cobain killed himself. As this is one of the first big pop culture things I remember very well, this blows my mind. Erin and I were remembering this last night.

I was almost 10, and we were being babysat by Becky Russell, and she wanted to watch MTV all day because she was so horrified and in shocked. I knew who Kurt Cobain was, having heard his songs many times before (remember, Mum did not have shitty tasty in music, so we grew up appreciating good music) so the sadness of this and the loss musically was felt. I think this was also the first time I heard of someone killing himself, which I found added another layer of tragedy to this. The boys, being 8 and almost 6, didn't get it quite as much. This day also marked the first time we watched MTV, probably to the chagrin of my Mum since we were pretty much strictly PBS kids and MTV is most definitely not PBS.

Just writing "I was almost 10" blows my mind, since I remember this so well. It also shows that if you want a more informed perspective on this all, I am not the blog to read, since I was a little kid 15 years ago. I often wonder what would have happened to Cobain, especially since both David Grohl and Krist Novoselic have gone onto really great things and have been working steadily since.

Anyways, I will leave you with some Nirvana for this day. I probably could post MTV news from 1994, but as with the other appreciations I've posted in the past few months, I want to focus on his music and not his end. If you do want to do some remembering about the coverage, though, I recommend going to the WFNX website and finding the special Julie Kramer and Troy Smith did on Kurt's death. I re-listened to it recently, and it's very good.

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