Sunday, April 19, 2009

Flight of the Conchords at the Agannis Arena

Friday night I went to a different kind of concert experience than I have been as of late. I went to an arena with several college friends to see Flight of the Conchords. This was a significant change of music pace for me because:

1. There were 70,000 people there and it was sold out.
2. I paid more than $10.
3. I do not personally know anyone in the band or any of their friends.
4. There was no hope of me meeting any of them after the show and tell them good job.

But I sometimes think it's important to mix it up and see other shows. And this one was definitely worth it. Those Kiwis put on a hell of a show.

We got there a little bit into the first opener act's, the very funny and talented Eugene Mirman. He plays Eugene, the landlord on the show, and did a great job.

Next was Kristen Schaal, who plays the crazy fan Mel. Kristen is... well, her acting crazy doesn't appear to be acting. She was very funny, but in a weird and off-kilter sort of way. I laughed a lot, like when she showed her audition piece to be on Law and Order SVU (the raping and killing Law and Order), but there were other parts where her craziness could be a bit off-putting.

Then came awesomeness. They opened with Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor in homemade-looking robot costumes. Then they sat down and got down to business. Lots of talking and playing songs for about 90 minutes. A heavy part of the set list was from season 2, but even if you haven't seen much of this because you don't get HBO, it was still very funny.

My fear was that lots of people would be trying to sing along and ruin the experience, but people mostly kept it in check. My brother's girlfriend Ashley was also there, and she said that there were a few people in her area singing, but I didn't hear much of it. What also helps is that they change up the lyrics a bit, so it's hard to sing along to that.

I would have loved to have heard Rhymenocerous vs. Hiphopapotamous or Albi the Racist Dragon, but then again... they could have played for another hour and that still wouldn't have been enough time for them to play.

I'd definitely go to hear them play again, and I recommend spending the money (warning it was about $50 for a ticket) if you're a fan. Won't be dissapointed.

Thanks to for the pictures, which come from the Nashville show. Also, since I looked it up on youtube when I got home, here's Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor. Very funny and from Season 2:


Lesley said...


I bet this was phenomenal. I'm so excited you got to see it! Perhaps I can live vicariously through you and get a play by play of the event next time I see you. : )

Landry said...

Oh you know it! I'll try not to sing all the sexy songs to you, so Todd doesn't fight me.