Monday, April 27, 2009

Trip to Southbridge: lil llama action

So on Friday I went on my first business trip to train ALTI in Southbridge, MA. I was both nervous and excited and overwhelmed all at once. Not that I couldn't handle this, because I know I could, but this is just something very new to what I was doing. So I spent a good chunk of last week preparing folders and swag, getting a training script ready, and practicing what I could cover in 45 minutes.

Friday morning I was up and out of the house early. My trip would take me past all the slow spots on a commute -- 95/93 split, Middlesex Turnpike, The Pike -- so I wanted to give myself ample amounts of time. I'd hate to be late. However, the traffic Gods were smiling upon me that day and I got to where I needed to be without hitting any traffic and about an hour earlier than the Sales Rep I was meeting. And I knew from seeing the schedule that I wouldn't need to set up or anything, since I'd be sharing the room with another vendor. So I had about an hour to kill in a very rural area without a Target to wander aimlessly around in.

I had seen signs that Connecticut was close to where I was, and so I thought "well, I have ample amounts of time, why not go to CT for shits and giggles for half an hour?" and so I did. So I drove around scenic Connecticut for about 30 minutes. It was really nice to look at cute houses and farms and sort of drive aimlessly and relax, since I knew the day of training would be very long and a bit grueling.

After stopping at a cute country farm and getting out and looking at the water, I turned around to head back. However, I stopped and got out again not long after this because I came across... a llama farm.

I don't know how I missed this on my drive into CT, since there were three very large llamas standing around. They were so cool looking, I got out and took some pictures. They watched me the entire time I was doing this, and followed me. It was as if they were thinking "oh hey, random girl in a business suit. What's up? I'm a llama", or something like that.

The rest of the day was less animal-exciting, but still good. The trainings went well, but not something I'm about to blog about. Very "you have to work in the field to get what I'd be talking about", so a little boring to my other readers.

But here are some llama pictures!

What the eff? Who is that girl with the camera?

Oh hey, girl. I'm a llama. I'm just doing my thing. You should probably go back to Massachusetts soon. You have a training or four to do on Interface Features.

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