Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stacy Got Mortified

You may remember a few months ago I promoted the website for Get Mortified, which is a national show for adults to read their diaries, poems, stories, and show artwork and other things they made when they were kids. It's hilarious.

Well, I found out recently that my pal Stacy would be getting mortified in the Boston chapter of this. Loving a good awkward time, I headed to see her at Mottley's in Boston.

The show runs two hours, and showcased nine people. Mostly diaries, but there was also a guy who read his poetry from high school that got published in the high school's literary journal. The girls mainly talked about having crushes on boys and wondering why no one would date them. It's funny hearing about how boy-crazy or desperate people were and looking at them now. This particularly rang true at the guy who said he was into death metal and had long hair... but transformed into a very cute, normal-looking guy with short hair and an Edward Gorey shirt.

Stacy went near the end, and read from her journal. She talked about how much she loved her friend Jesse, how mean girls were, had some "deep" conversations, and talked about how much she loves and related to Dawson's Creek. It was very funny.

At the end, I said hi and told her how much she loved it. She told me that they're now having shows on a monthly basis in Boston, so they may be having more in. This made me excited, since I'd see friends again here. Also... I have a book of notes I wrote to Jess when we were in middle school, and this pretty exists as my journal. We pretended we were spies and had secret names for our crushes. I may need to drag it out and see if it's mortified-appropriate.

I will say this: this show sold out well before the show, so if you're interested in seeing another one in the coming months, BUY YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE. The house was packed.

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