Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A moral work victory

The fucking Keurig Coffee Maker is gone. GONE.

This is more a moral victory for me than anyone else. Back in the day, before I worked in Project Management and I was the lowly department assistant, my job became a catch-all for all the random jobs no one wanted to do or didn't think they should do. Order Christmas cards? Me. Figure out who gets how many pecans for the Christmas gift? Me. Police who's out sick? Me.

One thing I do not do, though, is anything involving food. This is refreshing, actually, because several of my old jobs did. I list:

Greenery: Barrista
Department of Theatre: Make coffee for majors
Kimball Dining Hall: Clean dishes and serve food
HC Admissions: Review restaurants and write podcasts about it. (less about the serving and more about the eating, so I can't complain)
WGBH: Make coffee and cater for meetings

My current job is not listed, note.

Back a few years ago, a colleague of mine came to my desk with this request: "The coffee machine is broken". I thought she first said that the copy machine is broken, so I offered to take a look at the toner and see what's up, and she said back in an annoyed tone "No, the coffee machine". I paused, a little shocked, and said that I don't do anything with the coffee machine. At this time, I didn't even drink coffee.

She then argued that I must know something about the coffee machine (underlying meaning: you're the assistant, and assistants do this sort of thing. I have several Masters Degrees, so I shouldn't have to stoop to this level) and if I could look at it. I countered with there's no way I'd help, because I've never used that machine before. I don't drink coffee, and I don't use the Keurig machine, but because the cafe rents the machine they might be able to help her.

It went like this for a few more rounds, then she wandered off, pissed off that I don't know how to do and fix everything. I told my friends outside of work about this, and every now and again I get texts asking me to fix their home coffee machines.

So when I got word that the machines were going to be retired because we're getting day-long coffee in the cafe, it warmed my heart. And it was gone today. Said coworker won't have to give me the stink eye every time she makes herself coffee. In the battle of Keurig, I WON BITCHES!!

Yeah, this was a random post.

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