Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tens (and drunk people) are so meta

I noticed this morning that on the TBTL website, there was the Tens Blog Roll. I joined on, and am listed as a Tens blogger under "Hot Pants for Shuffleboard (Landry in Boston)". But... if you're reading this page, then you clearly have already found my blog and don't need me to explain how to view this.

For those who are not Tens, Tens are the fans and followers of the podcast/radio show Too Beautiful to Live, out of Seattle. I promoted them in an earlier post called "Podcast Roll". So this explanation is for... my five viewers. Ha!

So this post just serves as a little hello to the Tens and a welcome to my blog! I'm trying to make it less whiny, but I can't promise anything. There are days when I need to complain about HR, my roommate, or anything else under the sun.

Also, if you're a single Ten in the Boston area who likes small redheads who like theatre, live shows, tea, yarn, and being snarky... then a big ol' hello to you!

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Kate said...

Go Snarky Tens!!!