Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar summary so far

I think because I'm no where near as drunk as I was on election night I'm not as a prolific blogger. But here are some thoughts:

--I heart you, Tim Gunn.

--Hugh Jackman is awesome. Making fun of musical numbers, people who always miss that one Oscar nominated movie, and Branjelina. Brilliant.

--I think it's going to be Slumdog City tonight.

--I still wish Robert Downey Jr. won the Oscar. And not because he's Dianne's boyfriend, but because he truly did a great job at playing that.

--Ben Stiller, why are you so awesome? And well played making fun of artism. Ha!

--This telecast is epic, and I wish there was an edit button to some of the things.

--Seth Rogan and James Franco are hilarious.

--Walken is nuts.

--The Jerry Lewis lifetime achievement award made me cry because of thanking him for all this work with the MDA. And I have no shame in admitting to that.

--I'm guessing this goes welllll past midnight. Oof.

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