Sunday, February 15, 2009

The High Holidays = Awesome

Frontmen for The High Holidays. Thanks to the article I found for the photo.

As mentioned, I trekked last night to The Lizard Lounge to see a band called The High Holidays perform. No hipsters to call my own, but holy hell was that show amazing. I guess it's a band made up of people who are friends and in other local bands, and they crooned all these popular pop love songs. Their cover of Something brought tears to my eyes, it was so pretty and awesome. I loved their sound, I loved the styling of the band, and that both singers sounded like Elvis Costello. All in all, a very hip night.

Apparently, they're doing shows like this on holidays (they had a Christmas one, or so I hear) which makes me excited and wish there were more holidays with lots of songs written about it. Arbor Day? No? Damn.

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