Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bon Savants and Ho Cro randomness

So tonight I trekked into Boston to see the Bon Savants. A big ol' thanks to my friend Dave (aka The Shoegazer) for hooking me up.

During the day, I did a little research to get a background on the band from the moderately reliable source Wikipedia. Here's my favorite line:

"While playing small live shows in and around Boston (Moran was and still is a part-time rocket scientist at MIT), they rotated drummers until finally adding the drummer Andrew Dole as a permanent member."

I love this for two reasons. One, because one of the members was a PART-TIME ROCKET SCIENTIST AT MIT. That's awesome. And second, because I went to college with a guy named Andrew "The Miz" Dole. Clearly not the same person, though. My favorite memory of The Miz is that when he auditioned for Improv, he was wasted at 3pm because he was so nervous, so he instead spent the whole time telling us about Keith Richards.

But I digress.

The Bon Savants played a roughly hour-long set as part of The New Alliance Sessions. Definitely a hip crowd, minus little ol' me. A neat space, with cool artwork and Miller Highlife. And let's face it... Miller Highlife always adds to a party.

I had downloaded their CD a few weeks before, and seeing them in person definitely added to my liking of this band. Their sound is very lush. Filled the space nicely. And the intimate setting (maybe 15-20 people there?) was an added bonus. Highly recommend downloading their CD or picking it up. You not be disappointed.

The random HoCro part is that Nikki, who I share several mutual friends with, was there, as her band practices in the same building. Big hugs, and she introduced me to many people, and we caught up. Always great to run into a Crusader in an unexpected area.

I tried to find a good video of theirs on Youtube, but sadly there wasn't a lot. This was the best I could find, but I think it captures their sound and vibe well:

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