Thursday, February 26, 2009

Local songs

Tonight I was supposed to see another showcase of talents from my friend Jason's label, Grinding Tapes Music. However, due to a very long week that lacked key things like sleep, I got to the end of today and barley had the energy to drive home from work. So I had to sadly back out. But these very busy bands will be having more shows in the future.

So instead of raving about the concert, I am instead posting songs from some of Grinding Tapes' artists.


I was going to post some songs from Grinding Tapes' artists... but on Youtube there are very few good quality tracks. So scrap that. Just go see them live. I posted the link above for their website. It's easier than me trying to find a good video to post.

Instead again, here's a local band that I've been digging as of late, Chester French:

Check in in the coming weeks for a not tired Landry describing concerts she actually goes to, and not having a fail of a blog post of music.

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fraz said...

Totally promoting my picture...and my picture I mean my feet. Check out the top pic :)