Sunday, February 22, 2009

Music shout out for the weekend

This weekend, I was originally supposed to catch a movie with friends. Unfortunately, right when the movie was starting, I had a nasty headache. So I took a lot of advil, napped for an hour, then woke up feeling better. As the move was already happening, I instead trekked to the Middle East Upstairs to catch a band with my friend Brian. His friends, Thick As Thieves, were playing a show.

They were quite good. Lots of energy, and catchy songs. They reminded me a lot of The Who, especially at the end of their set. The frontman, Tyler, even stood on top of a drum for awhile. So hats off to them for a great show.

Here's a video I found of them on Youtube singing their song, The Octopus:

If you ever get the chance to see them perform in the future, do it. Some of them will be playing with Oranjuly in March.

PS, that's one hell of a facial expression in the video before you click on it.

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marketing said...

I think my buddies have played a show with Thick as Thieves before. Ever heard of Traces David? Give 'em a listen - could be up your alley.