Friday, February 20, 2009

Got Back From Camping Last Spring

I was reading my a friend Karin's blog, and her latest post is an appreciation to Blossom Dearie, who passed away this month. This made me a little sad and nostalgic. First off, here's a song of hers and the link to the story on NPR about her passing:

When I think of Blossom Dearie, I think of two things. One, my old boss/college mom Joan. She's a bit older than my parents, but I had that mom/daughter relationship with her. She had several Blossom Dearie albums. One of which, and Pat can attest to this, had a song that had the lyrics "pencils come from Pennsylvania" which was a favorite. So whenever I hear her jazz work, I think of Joan and working for her and college and how wonderful Joan is.

And secondly, and probably something many people my age and older will remember, is that she sang many of the School House Rock songs. She sang Unpack Your Adjectives and, perhaps more notably, the hauntingly beautiful Figure Eight. I know Karin posted this video, and I wanted to find another one, but Figure Eight is just so beautiful and my favorite I had to as well:

So rest in peace, Blossom. Your talents were greatly loved and appreciated and will be missed.

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