Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So adorable it's not even funny

So my friend Erin* (the bizarro twin, roommate Richard Burton to my Elizabeth Taylor, what have you) has an older sister, who recently had twins. Cuteness and happiness on that! She had a boy and a girl and a boy, and I'm making them some hats. I found a very cute Hello Kitty hat pattern, and decided that a Chococat hat would be a nice companion.

But while doing some Sanrio research I found a list of the characters, and there is one named... of all things, Landry. I thought this was neat and looked it up. It turns out it's a racoon and pretty cute. Here he is:

Cute, and I might make a hat of him down the road, but for this I thought Chococat would be better. Two cat hats, right? I'll be ordering the yarn today, so when I start working on them I'll post all sorts of pictures of my creations.

*Loyal readers may also remember Erin as the owner of The Pie Hat. While it would make sense to make hats to match their Aunt Erin... no. That f-ing hat killed my hands and took forever, and so no. They're getting Anime cats instead.

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