Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grammy Flory would be proud.

I've joined a bowling club.

I'm using the phrase "club" lightly. My friend Dave invited me via FB to join a group he was starting to get local bowlers and fans/members of the local music scene together to bowl. I have to say, as I'm only an average bowler and am certainly not in any local bands or on the radio (merely a blogger of the shows I attend and the songs I hear), I was surprised. But never one to not want to bowl, you bet your ass I signed up.

Monday night was our first get together. Very spur of the moment, and only about 10 or so people could make it, but an amazing blast. We rolled three strings, and I got to meet some very nice people. Oh, and drink. Can't forget that.

I also have a new bowling name, which is "Know Bowler". I'd love for it to slowly become "Know ThyBowler" if it can happen, but we'll see.

I definitely could improve my game. Other than a terrible second string, I was bowling barely over 100, which is okay... but I could improve. So may this will serve as a way for me to improve my scores as well.

Not sure how often we'll meet. I think it'll be a low key sort of thing, and see who actually makes it each week. I'm also looking forward to meeting more people in the local music scene, since they all seem extremely nice and chill, at least from my experiences. I'm sure there are douchers out there... but they just don't seem to roll with this crowd. And yes, every pun intended.

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