Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fleecing Larrys on his 21st

Today is a pretty awesome birthday shout out. Yes, my little brother Sam, aka Sam Bam to some and my cell phone, is turning 21. As of 5:15pm, his liver had not shut down, which is a good sign. I think him having class until later today helped keep that in tact.

So Sam is, in short, awesome. And has a sometimes ridiculous life. This is both good ridiculous and bad ridiculous. Here are some highlights:

--He is the person my blog is named after.
--He swears more than any trucker or sailor you know.
--He's accomplished a lot in his life in a short 21 years.
--He's almost fought a homeless man in an alley Tired and Emotional, as well as getting kicked out of the Middle East Nightclub.
--He made his own Halloween costume by taking a sharpie on a Hanes shirt and drawing the Superman logo on it.
--He can fall asleep anywhere in any position.
--He loves singing.
--He's one of the few people in the world who actually hates Tom Hanks.
--He owns more shirts than I do.
--He's awesome, and I'll take 6 hours out of my life any weekend to drive him back to college.
--He sends me funny texts about how I'm a ho bag in India.

I could continue, but I feel that this is also me just going on and on about how awesome my brother is. Wait, I lie. That's exactly what this post is. But he's worth it.

So a big happy birthday to my little brother and much love from your older sister.

I'm on a boat, and looking a little bit like Heat Miser.

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