Sunday, May 3, 2009

I can't stress this enough... THERE IS A SONIC COMING TO MASSACHUSETTS

Yes, can I get everything pictured to go, along with a malt shake? K thanks bye.

This may surprise some readers, since I tend to promote healthy eating and exploring the unique restaurants in your community, but this makes me excited. I think because it's so foreign to my area, and yet so tasty and almost a guilty pleasure. Some fellow bloggers have also seen this news story and have blogged about it, and I'm finally getting around to it.

There is a Sonic coming to Massachusetts.

I was out with some friends Thursday night, and my friend Annette told me in passing that Sonic was coming to Peabody. I kind of flipped out, then texted Erin immediately. She responded "c'est une miracle!" and managed to spread the word via gchat, facebook, and now the blog.

I've been curious about Sonic for years, since TBS has been playing ads for this fast food chain on their station. This makes sense, since TBS is based out of Atlanta, but doesn't help me out, since I don't live in the South. As great as that Sweetheart Sundae looks... I can't run out to my car and get there.

Last year when visiting Michelle and Michnya in Nashville, we passed one and I begged her to take me to one, so I could say I've experienced it. It was pretty awesome. Sooo delicious. I think I just had a shake and fries, but it was enough.

I like how all-encompassing it is, and that it's a taste of something different. The idea of having to go to Rt. 1 for this is a bitch (North Shore people will understand where I'm coming from on this one) but will be worth it. I'm also sure that it will be packed for awhile, since there are plenty of people like me who have been waiting for this day since high school, but when I do get there, it'll be worth it.

All I need now is a White Castle, an In-and-Out Burger, and (most of all) a Tim Horton's in the area, and my guilty pleasure fast food life will be complete.

Here's a map I found online of the core markets and developing markets of Sonic. Add lil ol' Mass to the map and color it blue!

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