Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden 2011

Today I planted the garden! I must say, it was nice not having to drag all my stuff up to the third floor like I did at my old apartment. Still a container garden, because we have no land. For my birthday, Ricky got me the book The City Homesteader by Scott Meyer, to give me other ideas on what to garden and how to have a country lifestyle in a city. Definitely a good read, I recommend checking it out. Because of this book, I'm expanding into more veggies, such as three varieties of pepper, eggplant, and miniature cucumbers. All three I read were good for containers, so here's hoping.

I'm also excited about all the herbs I'm growing, because I love fresh herbs and it'll make all our meals this summer that much tastier. The list of herbs was inspired by Apartment Therapy's list of the Top 10 Herbs to grow. Normally I just do basil and rosemary, but I decided to try others to make for a more flavorful summer. Going to be great!

Above are my three pepper plants (along with the pot I've designated for all our smoker friends to put their cigarettes so they don't dirty the walkway) and below are my herbs (back to front basil x 3, dill, mint lavender, cilantro, thyme) and veggies (back to front miniature cucumber and Japanese eggplant). Not featured are my parsley and my rosemary plants.

I also have some flowers, beans, and radishes growing from seeds, so it's just dirt right now and not very exciting. The book says multiple times that radishes are very quick to produce, so I'm hoping to have a few batches of them.

I'll be posting pictures as they grow along with my bounty. Hope that they turn out nice, the squirrel next door doesn't eat everything, and that they all taste good. I also can't wait to sit out on my porch around my plants and enjoy it all summer long. Something I definitely missed when I lived in that studio, and one of my favorite parts of this new apartment.

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