Monday, May 9, 2011

The 30 Day Song Challenge

Many people on Facebook have been doing this, which I always think is cool because it shows a lot of insight into who they are. Plus, the backstory is always very interesting. Now that Commencement is over and the summer should be less stressful, I think it's time to start my own 30 Day Song Challenge.

That being said, I can about 99% guarantee I will not post this daily, but I can guarantee that every day I do post, one of the posts will be this. I don't want this to become Springtime NaBloPoMo.

(side note, Lewis has been the craziest kitten in the world today, knocking over my CD rack not once but twice. This may also have inspired me to write about music)

Day 1: Your Favorite Song
This one is really hard, since I have so many favorite songs. It's also based on mood, time of day, where I am in my headspace, and onward. What to pick??

I think for this, I will have to go with Arcade Fire's "Rebellion (Lies)" because when I first heard that album, I cried pretty much start to finish at the beauty of it, that song gets me fired up, and I love the message. And A week doesn't go by where I fire up Funeral and play at least 2 tracks off of it.


Erin said...

I was working at the Much Music Video Awards in 2005 and had to watch them rehearse this 50 times and every time it was awesome.

I really love reading your song challenge posts!

Landry said...

That is AWESOME. What a great job to have!