Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rough week for TV parents

Tom Bosley, aka Mr Cunningham. Ritchie's dad and Fonzie's... foster dad? Surrogate dad? Guy who feeds him? (unrelated... so glad Fonz was on every episode instead of Potsy... because really, who liked any of Ritchie's friends?)

I also fondly remember Mr C as David the Gnome growing up, that show that was on Nickelodeon back when I was a kid, where he kept the woods safe and rode on the back of a fox. And then more recently, roughly, was seeing him as the Sea Captain when my grandparents took me to see Show Boat in Boston when I was about 12. I think I still have somewhere the ad I cut out of the Globe when I knew I was going with my grandparents so I could remember the trip. (no, he didn't really sing. The big song from that is Old Man River)

Here's Mr C enjoying that new hip band Weezer (having a hard time finding straight up clips from Happy Days!):

And then Barbara Billingsley, aka June Cleaver. I admit, I don't have many memories watching Leave it to Beaver, but even so... we all know that the most wholesome family on tv is the Cleaver family. And if you ever want to learn a lesson neatly tied up into a 22-minute tv package, you go to the Ward and June. I do know that when I was dressed for Reunion and finishing making muffins while wearing pearls, heels, a dress, and an apron, I commented that I felt very June Cleaver.

Despite this, I better remember her as the greatest movie interpreter of all:

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