Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rhinebeck recap!

Last weekend, I went with some knitting friends to Rhinebeck, as discussed earlier. It was fun! Much like my fellow knitter who I went with, I'm going to break it down into a numbered list:

1. Hudson Valley in the fall is beautiful, and I strongly recommend anyone to check it out. Hilly roads, foliage... it's what Fall is made for.

2. I enjoyed it, but I feel like I could only go once in my life and be fine. The crowds got to be too much, to be honest. You couldn't get into any booths and see things on Saturday because it was a cluster fuck. I purchased a few things on Saturday, but the bulk of my purchases were on Sunday when the crowds were significantly smaller.

3. I loved the variety of breeds in sheep being demonstrated. I feel like I sometimes get into the trap of not realizing just how many kinds of sheep there are, and that each sheep produces a completely different kind of cool. Because this is a "sheep and wool" festival, fortunately the sheep were repping hard.

4. The antiques barn was a nice break from the crazed knitters. Always cool to see old stuff, then travel further up the hill to look at the one-room school house.

5. Rhinebeck the town is wonderful, and I plan on returning next fall to show Ricky. It's cute and sweet, with an amazing restaurant next door called Terrapin. We also went to James Beard-winning Calico Patisserie... to die for. I had a brown butter and plum tart... mmm To the right you can see our foods. Crystal got a pumpkin tart, I got the brown butter plum tart, and Erin got a vanilla banana chocolate confection that looked great. It was nice to have a quiet moment of civility and tasty treats in the middle of the weekend of crazy times.

6. On the way to Rhinebeck, we passed Hyde Park... aka home of FDR. This is also why I'd want to bring Ricky back, because I know he'd love going to the presidential library, both of FDR's homes, and Eleanor's home. The Vanderbilts also lived up the street.

7. As mentioned with the scenic views, there are also many nature trails that I bet are quite lovely.

8. The Culinary Institute of America is also in this area. Mmmm

9. I guess I should mention the things I got, since someone may be interested. First, I picked up the November 2010 Issue of Martha Stewart Living. Pies! Pets!

...and that's it.

Just kidding! I also got a skein of sock yarn, a button, and a vase from a potter called Jenny. This was the only booth I really splurged in and picked up stuff on the fly. First it was just the vase. Then oo button! Sock yarn's pretty! And I had to get them all. Plan on looking up a knitty pattern for the socks, and who knows with the button. The vase will hold flowers in. Because that's what vases do. Duh.

Then got a skein of beautiful alpaca from a farm in MD. I love the colors and wisps in this one. No clue what this will make. May consult the powers of the knitting group for ideas. It's so soft and warm!

And then a skein of silk yarn from another independent farm in Texas. LOVED the colors of this one. May may it into a long cowl of some kind, the ones where you can leave it long or twist it twice. The owner of the farm waited on me, and was quite nice. He also called me ma'am, which I always think is sweet.

And then a drop spindle. My knitting group has decided that I should start to spin my own yarn. I'm very hesitant for a variety of reasons, but I did get a drop spindle to try it. Moderately priced, but I love the grain of the wood and the ridges.

All in all, a nice weekend. A good experience, though next year when I return I plan on it being a not Sheep and Wool festival weekend so I can soak up more of the area.

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