Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloweens of yesteryear: 2009

Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?

Let's bring it up a notch from "Sad month of 2008" Halloween. Ricky and I decided that we wanted to dress up in a couple costume as well as do something fun from our youth. We decided to do Back to the Future. Originally, I suggested Ricky be Marty and I be Jennifer or Lorraine, and then Ricky one-upped it by saying I be Marty and he be Doc Brown. Brilliant.

2009: Marty McFly (with Doc Emmett Brown)

This was both an easy and a difficult costume. It was easy, because the parts are quite recognizable (red vest, jean jacket, aviators... duh, Marty) but also a little difficult because when you need these items, Murphy's Law dictates that you cannot find them anywhere. The thorn in my side was the jean jacket. I already owned jeans and sneakers. Target provided the vest, plaid shirt, and aviators. Then a trip up the line to Salvation Army on Rt. 1 gave me the jean jacket for dirt cheap. Thank you, Salvo.

Me in all my Marty glory.

I basically just put my hair back and tried to look shocked or cool all night. It worked well. I also am happy to report that, just like the prom queen outfit, I've worn all the pieces again... just not together. That jean jacket is great for going to work and trying to look cool.

Ricky got a painting suit, an old man wig, and goggles. He borrowed a Hawaiian shirt from his friend Patrick, and had his friend Emile paint the nuclear symbol on the back of the painting suit. It worked out quite nicely.

Me and Ricky in character. Please note that he's not really wearing a watch, so that's pretty good acting.

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