Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

From WBCN website. Please don't sue me for using this.

I listened to a good chunk of WBCN's last day of broadcasting today. It was surreal, nostalgic, touching, and heartbreaking. Lots of big names I remember growing up with made appearances. Also, the programming was amazing. Absolutely great! All over the map and touching and smart. CBS should look at this as a lesson: when you let creative types do what they're supposed to do, you wind up with amazing product. Coincidence that when the DJ's were allowed creative freedom they created great stuff? I think not.

I also made sure to end the day with them and listen to the last songs and toast them with red wine. It seemed fitting and that I could do at least that for them.

The last songs?

3rd to last: Frank Sinatra's That's Life
2nd to last: Cream's I Feel Fine
last: Pink Floyd's Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Then a montage

Then "This is 104.1 WBCN, Over and Out"

And now static.

It's surreal to listen to an end of an era and for it to be over. Again, I never really listened to it much in recent years, because you never think of stalwarts or institutions to be over. And so it goes the way of other stations that have folded in the last year, and other Massachusetts Institutions.

Lushy McLush and her WBCN toast.

It's been real, WBCN.

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