Monday, August 24, 2009

In a perfect knitting world...

...I'd have the time and skills to knit the following for myself, instead of a lace scarf I'm working on and a bajillion baby hats:

Postwar Mittens. I even like the sample colors. These mittens are the colors of my life.

Little Birds Cardigan. I LOVE THIS SWEATER.

Demi sweater. A challenge, but something I'd like to tackle for a year or so.

Blooming Scarf. Again, a neat looking challenge.

But until then, it's time to baby hats galore.


Lyndsay said...

This is the problem with gift knitting. It's fun for a while, but soon becomes burdensome when you can't knit what you actually want to knit. This is why I don't really do gift knitting anymore... :o)

Also, you totally have the skills for all of these projects. Really, it's just about following instructions.

Landry said...

That's how I feel! I want to give people hats, but there are so many babies! I have a pile of yarn, so I'm slowly working my way through it. I finished one set of hats for a set of twins, but there are still several more.

And thanks for the skills. :-) I'm thinking I'll do the mittens first to work on colorwork, then I'll tackle the bird sweater. Because I'm in love with that sweater so freaking much.