Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hot Pants for buckling down and trying to save money

Putting my cable out to pasture? I think it's time.

The fucking recession has finally hit me with my job (still employed, don't worried) and since I'm getting ready to live on my own in a month, I feel the need to save money and pay off bills and tighten my budget. I've planned my next year based on my current salary, but I feel it might be smart to save more and get rid of useless expenses. The first to go?


I looked at how much cable is and it made me a little nervous. It's a huge expense for one person for what? A few hours a week? A Project Runway marathon? Sox games? It doesn't make sense when I can either watch games in bars, watch shows online, or go to friends' houses to watch Project Runway.

My tv is new enough that I can plug it into the wall and get basic, and most of the shows I watch (Glee, 30 Rock, The Office) are on basic.

I'm going to keep cable since I do use that all the time (and I can watch TV there) and I might get Netflix so I can watch tv shows that way, too. But the more I think about this, the more I think this will be a great idea and something I should have done years ago.

More details to follow...

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