Thursday, August 27, 2009

One guy, two burgers, some fries

Guest model: Ricky's burger and soda and our shared french fries.

Last Sunday, before a Grinding Tapes Showcase, Ricky and I decided we needed a quick meal. I spent most of the day packing while Ricky read, and I have no food in my apartment (le sigh) so we needed to go out to get food. And as funds were tight for both of us, we decided upon Five Guys, Burgers, and Fries.

It's a chain, and I don't usually like promoting chains, but I've been hearing good things about this place for awhile. (I realize it's hypocritical for me to say I don't like promoting chains and I have a blog label called "sonic watch".) So off to Swampscott we go.

It's a neat little place, and an easy way to eat on the cheap. The restaurant is fairly clean. It was hopping at 6pm on a Sunday, which is to be expected, but the line moved quickly and we were able to get seats by the window.

There are some things I really liked about this restaurant. First off, all extras are free. If you want mushrooms, it's free. Peppers, free. BBQ sauce... you get the point. I had a cheeseburger with pickles and Ricky had a bacon cheeseburger with peppers and BBQ sauce. Possibly mayo. I lost track. We also split a regular fries.

I also really like portion size. A regular fries is huge and could feed two people easily. We didn't even finish all our fries, because there were that many. A regular drink was also a sufficient amount of soda (Ricky) and iced tea (me).

Free peanuts are available for patrons, which we snacked on. I will say, I like the idea of a free snack. Peanuts are... well, they're peanuts. Nothing new or exciting here, but an interesting touch.

The burgers were tasty. The cheese wasn't super melted, which annoyed me slightly, but it eventually melted as I ate. And the pickles were plentiful. You can get a higher quality burger elsewhere, but for our budget and time constraints, I was pleased.

I was less than pleased with the fries. While portions were large and they were hot and freshly cooked... they were a little too soft for my taste. Granted, I ate them, because I do like fried potato products, but I've had better elsewhere.

All in all, we were both pleased with our trip. I'm also brainstorming other burger-toppings combos for the future. And it's a nice little date for when you only have about 40 minutes and you're both strapped for cash at the moment due to moving or job stuff.

And yes, the Grinding Tapes Showcase was quite good.

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