Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The other biggest political battle this season?

No, not B-Rock and Johnny McC.

I need to take a break from my "what does this all mean?" and "why am I still wandering around single?" and also the "what is the point in life?" posts for a night and ponder a battle I've noticed in a state slightly north of me.

The Jean Shaheen and John Sununu battle in New Hampshire.

I've been watching these political ads on tv for what feels like years now. Sununu loves W. too much. Shaheen hates teachers. Sununu loves big oil. Shaheen wants to keep New Hampshire safe. And so forth.

Their ads, if you've never seen them, are vicious. They both scare me a little. They both HATE each other and don't hide this. And they play all the time, often one right after the other. It's insanity.

I have a feeling next week it'll devolve into "John Sununu steals from nuns and orphans" and "Jean Shaheen eats dogs and wants to kick your grandmother in the shins".

What I don't get is this:
1. Why must we sling mud? Tell me what you stand for. Don't tell me why you hate the other party.
2. Why are all these ads playing day and night in New Hampshire?? I realize I'm somewhat close to the border, but it's most definitely on the Boston stations. And Boston, last time I checked, is in Massachusetts.

Come on, kids, let's try to play a civil game here....

"If I could, I'd shove that microphone up your nose, Johnny."
"Shove it, Jeanne. Nobody likes you."

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