Friday, October 10, 2008

Interesting thoughts...

Here are some random thoughts from the week:

--I have some great friends. A week ago this time I was feeling devastated and questioning myself and just so horribly sad. And many of them (nay, the entire posse list minus Justin obviously since I think he's non-posse now) made sure I was okay and helped me out all week. It's moments like this where I realize how great my friends are.

--I think the plan in all of this is to keep myself as busy and moving as possible. Don't rest and start over-thinking. Keep busy, keep moving.

--The economy falling apart sucks, but it had to happen. And I think it's stuff like this that shows people to save, be smart and frugal. I hope it rebounds soon, though. Tim said that me and the economy will make a big rebound.

--My housewarming may lead me to drink if people ask me "How's Justin?" too many times. Just a warning.

--I have too much yarn but I think if I can make them all hats and mittens for the craft fair, I think I'll be sitting pretty.

--Justin taught me a lot. I know we didn't date long, but our connection felt very strong. It was like we burned very bright, but then burned out. I need that strong connection, and to feel comfortable with someone, and to have some "get me". However, I also need someone a little more stable, and a little more wanting to be settled. I will probably (no, definitely) need to date around a bit to find that person. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to settle down and get married and have babies tomorrow, but I need someone who wants something lasting and in a relationship just like me. So off I head on this journey again, trying to find that.

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