Sunday, March 25, 2012

MFT Day 27: Arcade Fire's Funeral

I actually switched the order I got my Arcade Fire albums.  I got Neon Bible first, after hearing excerpts from it on NPR.  I love it, and I'm pretty sure played a hole in it.  After listening to a concert of theirs on NPR, I then decided to get Funeral.  A smart choice indeed.

When I stuck it in my car the first time and turned up the speakers, I started to cry at the soft plinking beginning.  Then as the song built into a cacophony of sound and ideas, I was definitely crying pretty hard.  And that love carried throughout the entire album. 

The CDs I have in my car trade in and out, but I always make sure I have Funeral in there, because I pretty regularly want to pop that in and enjoy.  The Suburbs is pretty great, and I am thrilled that they won the Grammy for album of the year to give their talents and strengths some recognition in a field that sometimes values Taylor Swifts more than Arcade Fires, but no matter what, Funeral is always where my heart will be.

Here's that first song, and turn up the volume and let it overpower you.

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