Thursday, March 1, 2012

MFT Day 24: Pinterest

I know I know...

Somehow my "I will be diligent and write every day!" mantra derailed last week.  For a weekend with not a lot going on in it other than The Oscars, it was pretty busy and lacked time and motivation to think of my favorite things I want to share with you.  But because I don't want this dragging along all summer (hello, favorite song meme?) I'm going to write something up today and probably tomorrow night.  Saturday is Jess' wedding, and I can guarantee that I will not have enough time to write something.  So this sadly stretches into March, but I'm okay with it.

Today I'm going to talk about Pinterest.  Many months ago my friend Kirsten mentioned that she had gotten an early invite to this new website where you pin your favorite things on boards you create.  I was intrigued, so she passed an invitation along to me.  I am now HOOKED.

I love that I can collect favorite ideas and images in one place and recall them visually.  I have a saved file on my browser for recipes, but I feel like they don't pop as much as when I can see the picture of the meal or dessert.  What's key is that Pinterest saves the link the photo came from, so when I click on the photo of the cake batter milkshake recipes, I automatically am there.  (PS, I will be trying this soon)  I've also been using it for the following uses:

--planning trips.  I used Pinterest last summer to plan my trip to Burlington, by pinning images of stores I wanted to go to and sites I wanted to see.  I'm also planning my return to the Hudson River Valley with Ricky and our trip to Buffalo for Erin's wedding.

--design ideas for future homes.  I've been getting ideas for paint samples and layouts for when Ricky and I eventually move.  I've also found several nice bureaus I want to get soon.

--gifts for people.  Ricky has his own board where if I see an idea for what to get him, I'll save it for a future event.  His 30th birthday is coming up, so right now there are several things on there that he'll probably get.

--pretty things to look at.  Hey, sometimes a girl just wants to look at a board filled completely with puppies and flowers.

Many of my friends are using Pinterest for helping them plan their weddings as well, which is brilliant.  You can see all the great ideas you have for dresses and flowers and decor, receive feedback, and have the original links to the source. 

So in short, I love Pinterest for how easy it is to sort, organize, and display ideas I have.

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Im still trying to figure what the different between interest and the other social media. Great info