Monday, March 12, 2012

MFT Day 25: lifelong commitment

Over the weekend, some great happened.  Ricky proposed!  It's been a whirlwind of good, surreal, tears, and lots of joy.  Hence my slight absence from the blog.  I promise that once things calm down I'll find 5 more things I like, and get back to blogging.

I also promise that this won't become a blog all about my wedding and planning it.  I plan on getting my craft on, so if I come up with cool projects, I'll share them here. 

But here's a minor savoring the moment moment:  I'll discuss the pretty ring.  I always knew I wanted a cushion cut, because I like how it looks so old-timey.  Like something Lady Mary would receive from dear old Cousin Matthew.  And I knew I wanted something with visual interest.  Ricky (with the help of his dad) found a nice ring, and he picked out the band himself.  It's a palladium band with neat scrolls.  It looks old timey but it's all mine.

The box is actually the ring box Ricky's dad gave Ricky's mum her engagement ring in, so I like the familial element to it.  Another friend who has offered to make our bands if we want gave us an antique ring box, so I have a feeling at our wedding, we'll use both.

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