Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why buy flowers...

Jacqui modeling her Harry Potter bouquet and her Harry Potter bracelet. Each bubble is a book of Harry Potter. The bracelet is from etsy. Awesome!

...when you can be amazingly creative like my friend Patti?

Patti and Bob got married last weekend, and Patti DIYed as much as humanly possibly. Down to the flowers. She made flowers out of paper. Not only was this cheaper, but it was more beautiful and heartfelt.

Patti picked a book for each member of her bridal party that made her think of them. Christine was an art book, Jacqui was Harry Potter, etc. And then, because the colors of her wedding were yellow and purple, she painted each flower purple. Enough that it was clearly purple, but not so much so that you couldn't tell it was originally a book.

Jacqui modeled for me above, because I was so impressed by it. How cool and creative is Patti? How much better is this than spending hundreds on arranged flowers?

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