Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 19 of the 30 Day Song Challenge

Where is July going?! It's already almost Bastille Day, which for me marks the middle of Summer. Also, the month of July is pretty much over for me and Ricky, since it'll just be a big blur. The next three weekends Ricky and I are attending weddings (sweet Jesus, people) so I know it'll be a crazy few weeks. I wanted to take a moment to continue on this meme, so it wouldn't languish as long as it has been.

Side note, I bought myself new black patent flats which I am loving, but they smell. Silly patent!

Day 19: A Song From Your Favorite Album

This was so hard, because I'm not sure what would be considered my favorite Album. Do I go classic (Rubber Soul)? Do I go newer (Funeral)? Do I go to an old standby (Innervisions)? Radiohead (The Bends or OK Computer)?

I think or this, I'll go all-time classic, with The Beatles' Rubber Soul. When you read the songs that are on this album, so many awesome songs are there. I think for this, I'll go with my favorite from side one, You Won't See Me. I think it's a catchy, pithy little song.

Or, if you're feeling more George-ish right now, here's my favorite from side two:

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