Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 13 from the 30 Day Song Challenge

Isn't today just beautiful, if you live in Salem? The sun is shining, it's warm out. I spent some time gardening, then went to visit Jess, then Mum and Millie, and back here to surprise Ricky with a special treat for him. Oh, and I bought a lot of yarn and Lewis is running around with one of the skeins in his mouth as if it were his kill. I don't let him have yarn unattended (cats like to eat string and then it gets wrapped up in the intestines and it's bad) but sometimes I forget that I have a ball out when I'm home working on a project and he'll walk around the place as if he killed it. It's adorable.

Enough about me, onto today's music topic, which I actually love.

Day 13: A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure

This was hard, because there's so many songs I love that I know are horrible. Ace of Base is dreadful, but when I hear It's a Beautiful Life on my iPod when I'm running, I get pumped. Meatloaf is a great power ballad for roadtrips. And so on. But for today, I went with my alltime favorite guilty pleasure.


I fucking love ABBA. They are award-winning*, after all. But they're so great. I've told Ricky if we ever got hitched, ABBA has to play at the reception at least twice. For today, I went with my favorite of their songs, SOS. I love the way the song sounds, but also check out this insane video. The girls are wearing CAT DRESSES. No, I stand corrected. They're T SHIRTS THAT ARE BELTED AND THERE ARE CATS ON THE SHIRTS.

It so embraces how cheesy it is. I love it. I also play this song at work all the time without shame. Loves you, ABBA.

*Eurovision, bitches.

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