Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 11 from the 30 Day Song Challenge

Yesterday I went to my college's 5 Year Reunion. It was both wonderful and bizarre and bittersweet and hilarious all at once. I will probably post soon about how you can never go back to a moment in time -- even if all your friends are there and you are at the place of that moment -- but how it's also nice to try and revisit every now and again. The campus is as beautiful as always, and walking around it telling stories with someone who didn't go there was a nice experience. Ricky was impressed I walked up and down that hill for four years, that I could traverse from one end of campus to the other in 10 minutes if need be, and how fun my friends can be when together. This year, I'm going to three HC weddings, so I think 2011 will have a lot of college nostalgia in it.

But anyways, that's for another post. Today we're cover this:

Day 11: A Song From Your Favorite Band

That's the Beatles, but because I feel like it's easy to do a Beatles song, I'll do one from my favorite Beatle, George Harrison. I recently dug out All Things Must Pass to give it a good listen, and it was great. I like returning to a record after years, gives it new perspective and new ears, like I'm listening to it all over again.

I chose If Not For You, which I've always thought was a very sweet and pretty love song. I also put this on a mix for Ricky when we first started dating, so it has special meaning for that way as well.

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