Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving-Eve Grumblings

I am currently trying to prep myself to make a coconut cream pie. I think it'll go well and be tasty, but I think I'm a little grumpy pre-holidays.

As I've said before, when your mom and dad get divorced and remarry, every holiday doubles and triples in size. It's both fun and very exhausting, and by Saturday night I want to sit in a room alone and not talk to anyone who is related to me. (I have at least three Thanksgivings this year... and that also includes three times the family, both good and bad) This is why I like holidays like Arbor Day. And Memorial Day. Because no one cares if I see them or not on that day. I've never heard "I see your spending Martin Luther King Jr Day with your mother?" or "are you seeing your father on President's Day?", and I'm okay with that. But I digress...

I'll be writing drafts and publishing them all weekend so I can keep up with NaBloPoMo (home stretch!), since I know it'll be a busy long weekend.