Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The (not) mean Reds

Last weekend, Ricky and I went to Reds for breakfast. I was nursing a hangover, and needed bacon. And Ricky... well, Ricky loves me and eggs.

Amazingly enough, it wasn't packed so we got a seat almost instantly. Score! I must say, I was very impressed. It definitely has the taste and feel of a local breakfast establishment. It's in no way fancy pretentious or fancy. But that's why I liked it.

I will say this: DON'T park near Reds. There are maybe three spots out front, and they are always filled. We walked from my apartment, which took away one headache. There's plenty of parking in the area or a few blocks away. I'd use that. Also, I hear lines can be pretty bad, especially on weekends. We didn't run into this, but be mindful and have a Option B in case you run into this.

The menu had pretty standard fare with a few specials posted. I went with French Toast with a side of bacon, and Ricky had Eggs Benedict. We each got coffee.

Portions were quite good. I kind of wish I got eggs instead of French Toast, only because Ricky's meal looked phenomenal. My French Toast was clearly made with regular white bread, but had good egg flavor. Bacon was good, but I feel no restaurant ever cooks it as much as I like it to be. I like my bacon to look and taste like a burn victim. Think English Patient bacon. This was good, but a bit limp.

The Eggs Benedict, however, was quite good. Good sauce and portions, and it comes with home fries. Had I had the stomach for slightly runny eggs, I would have had that instead.

Prices were standard fare for a breakfast place, but keep in mind it's cash only. There is an ATM machine in the restaurant, though, for people who forget this (me).