Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm in trouble...

There's no such thing as too many throw pillows.

No no, not at work. Everything is great.

No, I'm in trouble... because I now work in an area with shops.

Lots and lots of pricey but beautiful shops.

I've been taking long walks around the area during my lunch break to better familiarize myself with the area. I've also been taking inventory of the shops in the area for when it's time to Christmas shop on said lunch breaks. And I've come to this conclusion: I am screwed.

Why? Let's break it down:

--Anthropologie. Pretty dresses, sweaters, home goods... oh and nothing in that store is until $30. Damn you, comfortable but expensive sweater!
--Crate and Barrel. Marimekko duvet covers. Pretty picture frames. Green throw pillows. Yep.
--Trader Joe's. Alright, it is a super market, but I walked through, and the snack section will be my undoing. Tasty but bad for my waist and wallet.
--The Apple Store. Everyone I know has an Apple product, so hello accessories. This "everyone" also includes me.
--The Prudential... is across the street. This includes Express, Ann Taylor, White House Black Market, Coldstone Creamery, Papyrus, Lord and Taylor, Sephora...

Oh noes.

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jess said...

ahh i TOTALLY know what you mean. i used to spend wayyyy more than necessary at the rockefeller center anthropologie, mostly because i worked a block away and got bored at lunch.