Thursday, September 25, 2008

The product of a lunch at work

Today Kirsten and I had lunch together and the subject of our friend Ben's blog came up. Then Kirsten said "you should have a blog". And I thought... "sure, why not?"

So here it is. My attempt at a blog. Probably random stories about my day, videos and articles I've found online, rants about how Sarah Palin spits in the face of everything women have worked towards, and so forth. I guess I should go through a cast of characters? Sure. Cast of characters:

Sarah: The roommate. Friend from home. Should not be confused with me.

Erin: Best friend/hetero lifemate/bizarro twin/college roommate. Often my right hand man and copilot in life. She's snarky and will try to push my buttons. Good people.

Brian: Erin's roommate, and another college friend.

Tim/Duffstuff: Other best friend. Just got married. Lives in Virginia. Freaks out about his health from time to time. Calls me a biddie.

Brad: Former coworker/gay man pal.

Dianne/Danielle: Friends from college who happen to be twins. Go to their house often for crappy food and tv. Great people.

Kirsten: Coworker and inspiration for this blog. Enables me to eat biscotti and coffee from now on.

Justin/J-Mar: Boyfriend. Intellectual equal. Have way too much in common for our own good, probably. Teacher. Lives in Worcester. Worth the drive. Frontman to a band I happily groupie. Fellow lover of the postcard, the Converse sneaker, and long walks in the rain.

Sam/Sam-Bam and Pete/Pistol Pete: Brothers. Great people. Make fun of me for my silly tendencies and falling asleep in cars.

Michnya: Older brother I never had. Snarky, cynical. Michelle's boyfriend. Great people.

Michelle: Great college friend. Michnya's girlfriend. Theatrical inspiration. Good lawyer. Fellow tea lover.

More/better to come.

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