Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm with the band... and the runners

Maybe it's just missing, but I decided after work today to sort pictures I had taken recently and came across the ones I had taken of Justin's most recent show, which was during a 5k at in Providence. That's him in blue. He's the front man of a band called No Town: The Justin Marra Trio. He's kind of a big deal:

Oh, and it's a 5k. There were runners. Right.

The best part of this was that his mom and grandmother were there. I haven't met them, nor do I think they know we're dating. So it was a very nervous 90 minutes. Couldn't just go up and say hi, and didn't know if they knew who I was. Lots of sweating it out from me. Erin went with me, and got a kick out of this.

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