Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pouring a 40 out for Paul Newman today...

My mom -- oh how I love her -- says she'll call for the good and even sooner for the bad. I got a call this morning at 10am telling me that Paul Newman had passed away at 83 of cancer. This is quite sad, as I am a fan of him, his body of work, his organic food, and his piercing blue eyes. I do realize that he had been very sick and was quite old and had a good run, but still. It's kind of sad to hear about the actors you grew up admiring and watching pass away. Kind of like when Jimmy Stewart died many years ago.

Justin and I have a long-running tally of "man crushes": dudes he kind of looks up to or likes, even though he's a straight man. John Cusack tops the list. I also call it man crushes, since they are mostly men and I think they're great. Yes, there are girl crushes as well (Helen Hunt is my #1 alive) but more man crushes. Paul Newman was always at the very top of my list. Even has an older man... damn.

When texting Justin this news he said "that is very sad".

I also admire him for being a rarity and being married to Joanne Woodward since 1958. 50 years! That's incredible in Hollywood and I feel like in real life. They also lived away from all that Hollywood stuff and in Connecticut. Very good.

In honor of Paul, I present some photos of the man. I am all about eye candy, and I have to say... even as an older man, he delivers. I also suggest you go out and rent a Paul Newman movie. Like The Color of Money. Cool Hand Luke. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. the Verdict. You get the idea.

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