Friday, September 26, 2008

The country is going to hell, so I'm going to rant on something else significantly less important...

It's so bad, with the fall of Wamu and the economy and the war and that moron Sarah Palin that I'm going to ran on something else that really doesn't matter...

The tv show ER.

I haven't seen ER since perhaps my senior year of high school. Last night I was finishing up a sweater, so I was up and happened to catch the last season premiere. Here are my thoughts:

--Why the hell is this show still on the air? I know it's the end, but seriously. No one who was originally on the show minus a nurse or two are still on the show. No one cares. This show doesn't matter any more.

--I never want to live in Chicago, because it seems like it’s a tragedy-a-day there. Buses, ambulances, helicopters, and so forth seem to blow up all the time. I’d fear for my life. I’m in no way important enough to live. I’d get a pole through my abdomen.

--Do we seriously need to kill Gallant? Does that make people want to watch this show more? No? Didn’t think so. Killing the only interesting characters doesn’t make an episode very “special” or make me tune in again.

--I hate it when ER calls characters our “friends”. Has any character from ER ever had me over for dinner? Who from the ER has ever picked me up from the airport? When was the last time they came to a game night at my house? Exactly. They’re not real, so therefore they’re not my friends.

--Back to Gallant. I called that he’d bite it in the first five minutes of the show. Exploding ambulance = dead popular character.

--The only highlight is that Buster Bluth showed up as a patient who had an older lady as a friend. And he was hilarious and talked their ears off. It was awesome. I only wish he had a run in with a loose seal during it. (and no, the older woman was not withholding and getting off on it)

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